Professional education is at the heart of our business. We provide a vast array of cleaning and restoration products and multiply their value with knowledge, training and business guidance.

  • For over 15 years we have been the premiere sponsor of IICRC training courses including Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT), Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT), Trauma Scene Technician, MOLD Remediation Certification and licensing.
  • Our staff is trained to know what products to suggest for every cleaning and restoration problem.
  • Our sales reps expertly demonstrate the use and maintenance of every machine and system we sell.
  • Our facility maintenance customers are taught productivity and how to stretch their labor dollars.
  • We advise our customers on strategic and tactical business matters.
  • We specialize in providing New Business Start-up help. Over a 40 year span we have incubated and mentored the growth of hundreds of new businesses. We have many 25 year customers.

Our educational efforts are guided by a number of principles:

     1. We choose IICRC instructors who are among the foremost national experts in their field.
     2. Our customers learn best when hands on activities are joined with classroom teaching.
     3. There is much to be learned from others attending classes and working in teams.
     4. Educated cleaners and restorers are able to make indoor environments healthy and safe, providing a valuable community service. 

It is our constant hope that we too, in sharing over 50 years of cleaning experience, provide a very valuable service to our community. We strive to educate our customers in the importance of choosing the most environmentally benign alternatives which still accomplish their goals.


Limited Seats, Call and Reserve Your Spot

CARPET CLEANING 101 April 25th 8:00am to 11:30am

Clean Professionals Academy will hone your skills as a carpet cleaner and train new employees. This 3-hour course will introduce the residential, commercial and institutional carpet cleaner to different fiber types, soils, spot and stains. Your will learn about simple and effective cleaning and spotting methods through the use of synergistic, product specific cleaning chemistry. This course is approved for .5 IICRC Continuing Education Credits (CECs). - $50


CARPET CLEANING MASTERS April 25th, 1:30pm to 5:00pm

For the discerning, truly professional, carpet cleaner that wants to bring their services to a new level of profitability. If you want to generate sales of $1000 to $2000 a day per truck with one technician then this is the class for you. - $50
  • Position your company to maximize profits.

  • Market, advertise, and promote your company effectively.

  • Proven, product specific, cleaning systems to improve productivity.

  • Packing pricing to maximize profits, simplify your customers life.


    INSTRUCTOR: David Oakes, Technical Training Instructor, Owned and operated a carpet cleaning and restoration business in Sheridan WY population 17,000. At the time he sold his business in 2016 the business was operating 4 truck mounted units. If he can do it in a small market, what can you do in yours’s?

    LOCATION: North Albany Post #1610, 35 North First Street, Albany, NY 12204

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